Of Guards and Thieves

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Grab the loot and escape....or kill all the robbers


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Of Guards and Thieves is a competitive multiplayer action game in which the players are divided into two sides: the robbers and the police. The goal of the robbers will be to steal a valuable artifact from a safe, while the goal of the police will be to stop them.

With this approach, the game puts the two teams of up to four players on a fairly closed and dark map. On it, the robbers will have to get to the safe and get out alive; while the police will have to do everything possible to prevent this from happening. Both sides, for added fun, are armed to the gills.

The game will allow you to create your own games to play with friends, although you will always need to play online, since there are no bots or computer-controlled enemies. Because of this, if you want to play Of Guards and Thieves, you will need an Internet connection.

Of Guards and Thieves is a revision of the legendary playground game 'cops and robbers', with added pistols and graphics in which lights and shadows play a fundamental role. In fact, you can turn on and off all the lights in a scene whenever you like.